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iCenter Ethereum Investment BOT

iCenter ETH BOT is an automated investment bot, paying out Ethereum (ETH) returns using Blockchain processes. The company behind it is iCenter Ltd (, and returns are paid in Ethereum (ETH), so a crypto wallet will be required to store your returned coins.

iCenter BOT is managed through an app which uses Telegram (secure messaging program, similar to Messenger; available on iOS / Android) to send commands to your investment bot.

Important: The ONLY way to access your ETH is via the 6-hourly earnings. You do NOT get your initial investment returned as a lump sum – it is returned at the rate of 1.4% per day over 100 days. In simple terms, you must wait 72 days to earn your initial investment (so days 72 – 99 are effectively profit.) After 100 days, your initial investment amount expires and no longer generates earnings.

As an example, 7.2 ETH invested will generate 0.1 ETH every 24 hours;

  • Withdrawing everything will return you 10.08 ETH after 100 days.
  • Daily reinvesting will give you a balance of 28.49 ETH after 100 days – the joys of compound interest! At this point, withdrawing funds over the next 100 days would return you approximately 25 ETH (due to initial investments dropping off your total after 100 days of earning.)

Essentially iCenter take the initial investment and invest in various options – crypto investments, other high return investments, crypto mining etc. They often have flash promotions as well – for their 10-month BOT anniversary they paid 10% for 10 hours; for 11 months they paid 3% for 36 hours; double pay-out for 24 hours when their reinvest function failed (they fixed within 12 hours); Their initial plan is for 5 years.


  1. Install Telegram app on your Smartphone
  2. Install the iCenter Ethereum Investment bot using this link
  3. This should open the main page of your BOT, press start and choose your language
  4. You will see a welcome message and a set of buttons on screen
  5. Choose the “DEPOSIT” button and note the Ethereum address – this is the address you send your initial Ethereum deposit to (ensure you record this number accurately!)
  6. Once your Ethereum has been successfully transferred, (approx. 15 minutes to confirm), the ETH BOT will begin to pay out earnings, every 6 hours.
  7. The default Ethereum BOT pay-out rate is 1.4% a day – paid as 0.35% every 6 hours, for 100 days.
  8. Pressing the “BALANCE” button in the Telegram BOT will refresh your current earnings.
  9. Balances of 0.1 ETH and over can either be reinvested, withdrawn or left to accumulate*

I invested in the iCenter ETH BOT nearly 2 months ago, and so far, the returns have been exactly as advertised. My initial 0.1 ETH investment, as of time of writing, has turned into just over 1 ETH with me choosing to re-invest mostly, but also occasionally withdraw!

*Since the reinvest option will reinvest your total available balance, it is often best to reinvest as soon as possible (due to compound interest, given payments are made every 6 hours) or withdraw when you hit your chosen balance to withdraw. There are no fees for reinvesting or withdrawing earnings to your Ethereum wallet.


Crypto Wallet

If you do not currently have a crypto-currency digital wallet, a good option is to create a Wirex account using this link This is an online crypto wallet (web-based and mobile app), but fully regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

  • It will allow account holders (free) to hold a GBP, USD or EUR balance, along with Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin, and instantly transfer between them.
  • You can send to and receive from other crypto addresses, so is ideal to initially purchase Ethereum to send to iCenter, and then regularly send earnings from iCenter to Wirex.
  • Your Wirex account can be funded by bank transfer from your UK account as you will have sort-code and account numbers.
  • You can also have a Visa Debit card linked to your GBP Wirex account (£1 per month) which allows you to receive iCenter earnings, convert to your GBP account and spend on the Visa Card, withdraw from a cash machine or send cash from your GBP account to other accounts.


Disclaimer: Investing is risky, do so at your own risk and I advise people to never invest more money than they can afford to lose. This service is suggestive based on positive past results of its team members who have been enriched by Bitcoin and other alternative crypto currencies.

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